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The Best (and Worst) Best Man Speech Ever

President Obama's former speechwriter David Litt outlines 10 tips for giving the perfect best man speech with a little help from his pal (and SNL writer) Will Stephen.

Released on 2/28/2018


Starring: David Litt and Will Stephen
Director: Carly Marsh
Producer: Carly Marsh
Editor: Carly Marsh
Director of Photography: Cole Evelev
Writer: David Litt

Writer: David Litt | Featuring: David Litt & Will Stephen | Director/Producer/Editor: Carly Marsh | Executive Producer: Lauren Lumsden | Director of Photography: Cole Evelev | Audio Engineer: Kurt Seery | Production Manager: Jen Santos | Production Assistant: Kira Velazquez | Fashion Stylist: Rosemary Leger | Prop/Set Stylist: Hannah Baker | On-Set Photography: Stephanie Strauss | Special Thanks to: Shirley Cruz, Zachary Eisen, Jessie Mooney & Chinea Rodriguez | Suiting by: Indochino, Opposuits & The Black Tux