Real Weddings

Weddings Filmmaker Jarod Lucas always has always had a camera in his sweetheart Rebekah Fairburn's face, and when he showed her this film, she was surprised to see footage she didn't even know existed. But, Rebekah became overwhelmed when she realized the video was Jarod's proposal.
Celebrities Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill tied the knot in Antigua, Guatemala, and the couple's friends Jaleel White and Allison Janney gave the sweetest toasts! For more about the couple's videographer check out Evolucion Cinema.
Weddings This NYC-based couple headed home to Jamaica, where they both grew up, to marry at the groom's family property in Saint Ann.
Celebrities Congrats are in order for Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard! The couple—she's a supermodel; he's a wide receiver for the New York Giants—married on March 3 at an iconic hotel in Beverly Hills.
Weddings Writing your wedding vows can be stressful, but in Lauren and Kristen’s San Francisco wedding, love and poetry flowed. For more info visit:
Weddings Melissa Bruckman and Reid Covington traveled to Antigua and Barbuda for a weekend-long wedding celebration in the islands with their friends and family.
Celebrities Pod Save America's Jon Favreau and Emily Black exchanged vows they'd written themselves. "Writing your own vows when your husband-to-be was Obama’s chief speechwriter is not an easy task," Emily said. "I put a lot of thought and effort into my vows because I knew Jon’s would be perfect."
Weddings The celeb couple, Nicholas Gonzalez and Kelsey Crane found a new venue—and redesigned their entire wedding!—just three months before the big day.